150 years of Valley End

St. Saviour’s Church, Valley End is 150 years old in 2017. This blog will run throughout 2017 to celebrate the history of the church and the old parish of Valley End.

Index of posts; all on the “Valley End 150” blog.

Julia Seymour Bathurst.

St. Saviour’s Church.

“That family has meant very much to this place” – Joan Weymouth and Valley End Church.

Frozen ink, child labour and heroism; early days at Valley End School.

Valley End School in the 1930s.

The Battle of Chobham Place Woods.

Mayhem on the links.

The Northern point.

The Wrecked Cabin of Brick Hill.

Living in Sparrow Row. By Sophie Stevens.

A Home for the London Mothers.


Below Stairs.

Suffer the little children.

The Iron Horse rides into Valley End.

Growing up at Brick Hill.

Snow stopped play.

Please remember the Garland.

Kitchenmaid at Titlarks. By Hilda Pearce.

Marry in haste.

Memory or maps? Beating the bounds of Valley End.

Farming in Valley End.

Château Brick Hill.

A Man Unknown. By “Brock.”

The Prisoners of War on Chobham Common. By Ron Little.

Chobham Camp Squatters, 1945 – 1952. By Patrick Rolinson.

St Agnes Chapel and the butcher at Broomhall. By. P.J.Elkins.

The Windlesham and Valley End Cottage Hospital.

The church that Bodley built.

” A large and distinguished company:” remembering St Saviour’s consecration.

Living at the Vicarage.

The Leschallas family in Valley End.

The Convent of the Good Shepherd.

The BOC in Valley End.

Valley End Cricket Club.

“This great and noble undertaking.” To Valley End for D Day.

Westcroft Park, by Ken Mepham.

“He loved the Common:” Roy Smithers and his photographs of Valley End.

Princess Louise’s Holiday Home for Poor Children.

Brick making at Valley End.

Farmer Glanfield and “the farm most disrupted by compulsory purchase orders.”

Fanny Teal and James Daborn.

The alsmshouses for Valley End.

Memories of the Institute.

Living at Brick Hill.

For King and Country.

The Soft Reds of Brick Hill.

Rare ants and scuba diving engineers; the M3 comes to Valley End.

Plaster, stone and glass; decoration at Valley End.

Turf huts and tents; living on the Common.

The buildings and builders of Valley End.

Prisoners. A wartime Christmas at Valley End, by Peter Reed.

Afoot in Valley End.

I am very grateful to everyone who has given advice, information and permission to reproduce images or articles. Thank you all very much! Paula Gerrard.

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